Academia IS The Disease

Updated: Feb 19

The 4 pillars of Liberalism (now Socialism) are:

Entertainment (to engineer morality),

Information Distribution, aka MSM (to control the narrative)

Public Education (indoctrination)


The Federal bureaucracy ("Command & Control" to force the agenda and consolidate raw political power).

The source of the manipulation of those 4 pillars is Academia.

The product produced by Liberal Elite Academic Institutions is the highly sought after (by the 4 pillars) and most highly compensated for, Diploma.

The 4 pillars are "Symptoms" of the disease. Academia feeds the 4 pillars with highly motivated (compensated) pre-programmed ideologues.

Academia IS the disease.

Addressing the symptoms without addressing the disease will only allow the disease to re-infect the symptom.

But first, we must understand how the pillars were subverted in the first place. The first clue lies in "The History of Technology". Before the printing press was invented, no individual or group had exclusive control of the narrative, as pertains to Information Distribution and the general population at large. Distribution was slow, and the information was often obsolete by the time it reached even half of the population.

Academia manipulated Television coverage in the '60s (and beyond) to expand enrollment. That was the beginning of the "Social Justice Era". As young men, anti-War protesters to be clear, entered Academia to escape the draft, and being wholly unqualified academically, curricula with lower academic standards was developed to accommodate them.

"Thomas" Woodrow Wilson's "New Freedom" program that institutionalized "Social Justice" as a function of Government Overreach, was the first building block in a long train of usurpations by future "Democrats" that are pre-disposed to Socialist tendencies.

But when Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in leading the Country... And the World... out of "The Great Depression" in the 1930's, institutionalized his "New Deal" program, Academia in general and "Liberal Arts" in particular, received the "Social Justice" boost it had been longing for.

Liberal Arts/Social Justice curricula expanded in every Academic Elitist Institution across the country----------

How and why that took place requires a brief look at the "History of Technology" available at the time and Technology that was currently in the development stage in the 1930s.

FDR was in his 20s when "Radio" was introduced as being commercially feasible in the 1900s. In 1912, the first factory was opened to produce a Radio for public purchase.

The first broadcast "News" program was aired on August 31, 1920.

Okay back to Woodrow Wilson for a bit...

Wilson's Social Justice "New Freedom" program was a few years too early to capitalize on "Wireless" information distribution, to manipulate the technology for political gain, but the program was established with that technology, Radio, in mind.

Being first a graduate of what would later become Princeton University, then a Progressive Professor at Princeton and finally, the President of Princeton, before being elected as POTUS.

As POTUS, Wilson expanded progressive "Journalism" Liberal Arts funding as a part of his "New Freedom" program in anticipation of "Wireless Information Distribution".

Now back to FDR and his "New Deal".

FDR's "New Deal" program seamlessly picked up where Wilson's "New Freedom" program left off. The "New Deal" program flooded Academia with Tax-payer funds to explode Social Justice in Liberal Arts curricula.

Academia took a radical hard turn LEFT.

(A quote from a source that many conservatives don't trust including yours truly- Wikipedia - but is valid none the less, and I won't include the link)

"Roosevelt believed that his administration's success depended upon a favorable dialogue with the electorate — possible only through methods of mass communication —"

His "Fireside Chats" went out to millions of Americans via wireless Radio.

That represented the first usurpation of wireless communications for political gain and set the stage for all future Socialist Democrat Presidents that followed.

Manipulate Technology to grow Socialist ideologies in Academia.

Television had been in development for several decades before WWII, but development for public consumption was put on hold after December 7, 1941 as the United States was propelled into War.

Having had first-hand experience at seeing the significant impact of maximizing the manipulation of wireless information distribution technology for political gain, FDR's programs funneled more tax-payer dollars into Academic Elite institutions in preparation for this NEW form of wireless information distribution technology - Television

The same basic technology that makes the Television Set possible, was also a necessary component of the RADAR Technology that provided a distinct advantage against our enemies in World War II... the "Cathode Ray Tube", or CRT as most of you probably remember it from the most recent "Ancient TV and Computer" Technology.

After the war, factories that made CRTs for RADAR systems were quickly re-tooled for mass TV set production.

Without that financial boost of Tax-payer funds due to the "War Effort", Television may have been delayed by a decade or more.

Peace protests DID occur all during the Korean War, but Televisions in consumer homes were few and far between and TV Transmitter stations were fewer still. Television Cameras were very expensive, very large and not very easily transported to "News Scene" locations.

It didn't take too long after the Korean War to advance TV technology to the point that TV coverage of Civil Rights protests across the Segregated South began appearing enmasse in livingrooms across America.

By 1964, Americans had had enough and forced Congress to act with the Civil Rights act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, irregardless of Democrats unwillingness to release their stranglehold on their Racism.

Television had a direct impact on the efforts to remove the tool of discrimination from the toolbox of Democrat politicians.

But the Socialist Academic Elite institutions that had already infiltrated News organizations across the country, succeeded in insulating Democrats from having to assume the responsibility for their centuries of guilty conduct that preceeded that point in time.

As I mentioned earlier, other events in the 1960s had far more impact on the eventual slide of Academia into Elitest Liberal Arts Socialism.

The same Academic Elite "Intellectuals" that propelled the relatively unnoticed Peace Protests during the Korean War, capitalized on the opportunity to control the narrative in front of cameras and their Socialist Elite "Liberal Arts/Journalism" Ivy League Graduate mouth pieces on the Nightly News that proudly displayed their Socialist mantras on Television Sets in livingrooms across America.

Television coverage of smaller Peace Protests in the early stages of the Vietnam War, turned many American draft age young men into Draft-Card Burning Draft Dodgers that sought refuge in Academic Institutions that welcomed the influx by lowering academic requirements and creating "Social Justice" curricula to accommodate them and their "College Deferrments". By 1969, the transition was near complete.

Peace Protests were an inescapable part of everyday life.

And all of that represents the TRUE beginning of the Academic Deep State that sent it's graduates into:

Entertainment (to engineer morality),

Information Distribution, aka MSM (to control the narrative)

Public Education (indoctrination)


The Federal bureaucracy ("Command & Control" to force the agenda and consolidate raw political power).

The Federal Bureaucracy isn't the Deep State, although it is most certainly a major part of it.

Academia is the Deep State PUPPET MASTER.

What Academia teaches,

leaches out into the Four Pillars of Socialist Progressive Liberalism,

where the corruption has been laid bare for all to see

by the correcting force of New Technology that has yet to be entirely corrupted by Academia...


Computer technology and the Internet CAN BE what saves our Republic, our Constitution, and our Liberty.

This Technology removes centralized control from the hands of a few corrupt Academic Elite Ideologue graduates.

And places it in the hands of "We, The People".

I left the Computer Industry in 1985 as a "Non-Credentialed" Computer Test Engineer in the midst of the collapse that made way for Personal Computers and then "Smart Phones" to eventually filter into every American home.

Well, at least into the overwhelming majority of homes. I live in a rural farming community. Many around here stead-fastly refuse to accede to the tidal wave of technology that threatens to over take their lives. To them, it's just a distraction that removes them from their daily chores.

It's hard to imagine that any person so deeply involved with Computer Technology, as I was, and at the time that I was, would not have forseen the eventuallity that technology would progress to what it is today.

The answer to a corrupt Deep State MSM is "Citizen Reporters" on the Internet.

The answer to a corrupt Deep State Entertainment Industry is "Citizen Entertainers and Producers" on the Internet.

The answer to a corrupt Deep State a Public Education system is Home Schooling and courses on the Internet.

The answer to a Deep State Federal Bureaucracy is exposure to the light of the Internet.

That will take the power of Social Engineering completely away from "The 4 Pillars of Socialist Liberal Progressive Indoctrination", but The Disease will still persist unless it is wiped out entirely.


On-Line courses negate the need for "Tenured Socialist Elite Professors" that populate the most prestigious Colleges and Universities, and thereby eliminating the need for the corrupt Socialist Academic Elitest Institutions themselves.

As a monument to Socialist Elite Ideology, those physical institutions should be burnt to the ground.

Short of that, those buildings, those classrooms, those Dormitories, can be used to house the homeless and Illegal Aliens that are a byproduct of the Socialist Liberal Progressive programs that those Academic administrators and Tenured Professors championed.

Let the deal with those symptoms of the disease that created them.



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