Bio-weapon, accidentally on purpose.

We may never know if the virus escaped the Wuhan lab intentionally or not.

What we do know is based completely off the actions of the Communist State.

China knew the virus was out, and stifled anyone warning the nations. The area within the outbreak was quickly shut off from the remaining areas of China. They falsely reported bogus data to WHO to be relayed to other countries across the globe. The true threat of the virus was pretty much an unknown until it escaped China.

The Chinese government made a crucial decision that eliminated the possibility of containment, they allowed international flights to continue uninterrupted. Seemingly intentionally China aided in the export of the virus to the international community.

They then quickly built a narrative around the Wuhan wet markets, simply because those same markets have been on the radar for years as a health hazard.

Communist China lobbied WHO into renaming the virus and detaching the virus as best they could from the rogue nation. The Health branch of the UN was more than happy to comply with China's demands. WHO has a long history of supporting the communist nation.

What is not known is if this all started by accident, what is clear is that China has used the virus to bring down the international economies while taking advantage of those countries reliance on Chinese manufactured goods. They started hording PPE supplies before the extent of the damage was even known to the international communities.

Then over priced Exports were flawed in a level that could only be intentional, all the while China has increased their military presence.

In a country that is over populated anyway, China could just as well have accepted the losses at home in order to impose damages across the globe. It is unknown if the the virus was intentional, but the abuse of the virus as it spread is obvious.

They have emerged as the only bulk source of pharmaceuticals and other supplies, and profited off of super inflated prices after cornering the markets.

China has used the virus to try and level the playing field against US tariffs.

Intentional or not, we can't allow ourselves to become subjected to China's exports. We must take this intentional act of hiding and fabricating information as an act of war.

China needs to be removed as an international supply chain. They are a rogue nation that will do anything to control the international community, and the UN is all the more willing to help.

The UN believes in a one world communist government, and China is their role model.


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