"GROUPS? On Codias?... Can it Be real? Tell Me What You Think!!!"

Hello Codias Members, Friends, and Allies, Music-Rock & Roll 50's to Now,

is now fully operational as a "GROUP" on Codias.

David Johnson has worked tirelessly to make this project succeed. He is starting out with his "Group" that includes 125 songs by 50 Artists.

In the coming weeks and months, David will be adding another 200 Artists and maybe as much as 2000 more songs... But that's just for the Rock & Roll Group.

Beginning this weekend, I'll start working with David to create his next Genre Music Group. That will be "Country"......

In the mean time and for the forseeable future, I'll continue to work on Groups with relation to other categories besides Music. Politics, Religion, Sports, Constitution..., And many others...

I currently operate 4 Groups in support of the Groups Project.

Library Groups Library XY (which can be an integral asset to Groups on Codias)

FAQ Groups FAQ XY (Codias Questions Answered by Codias Members)

Tutorials Groups Tutorials XY (anyone can add a tutorial to the tutorial Library)

Platform Groups XY ( Allies with NEW GROUP ACCOUNTS to assist with development)

So, David Johnson's "Music-Rock & Roll 50's to Now" collection is immediately accessible through the link below.

This List

will be continuously updated as David adds new Artists and songs.

David has already accepted the many Ally Requests he has recieved since we started this project. Send David an Ally Request to: Music-Rock & Roll 50's to Now

And Don't Forget... "Music-Country <group name>" is Coming REAL Soon!!!


If you are interested in creating a Group of your own, contact me directly through this post on Codias or send an Ally Request to my primary account:

XYMichael S Bell

Then contact me via Private Messaging


Michael Scott Bell


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