How To Create Your Own "Codias Group"

Updated: Apr 10

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With the tools provided on Codias, and within the Codias "Terms of Service (TOS)" (link below), Codias Members have the capability to create their own "Codias Group".

** Note:

The one thing to keep in mind with this is that Transparency Matters.

Transparency is a necessary component to staying within the Codias "TOS".

Codias Terms Of Service:

Create a Codias Group account through the Codias Sign-up page with the name of your group.

That, of course, requires a separate e-mail account on your part.

Transparency is accomplished by identifying yourself in the "About" section of the new Groups profile

The image below shows that the

"page operated by...... XYMichael S Bell" (my primary Codias account)

and of course with the tag-line:

"...because, Transparency Matters"

And by linking to your primary member account in the "Social" part of your Codias Group profile.

I created a Codias account with the name "Crock Report" (Changed Name to "PLATFORM GROUPS XY". ...edited correction 04/10/20) (link below) as a trial "Codias Group"

Privacy settings on every post allow me to publish to "Members" (all Codias Members), or to "Allies" (in this case, Allies of the Group account are Members of the Group).

Now, I don't intend to make Platform Groups XY (formerly Crock Report) about music, but it is a good example of what you could do with a Codias Group.

The image below shows that the post is only visible to Platform Groups XY (formerly Crock Report) "Group Members", or Codias Allies.

If you are interested in creating a Codias Group of your own, and want to invite only friends that you know,

Send me a Private Message requesting to join Platform Groups XY (formerly Crock Report) as a test Member.

My Codias Member account is XYMichael S Bell

I don't put my name on everything I do because I want, or need, the credit.

I do so to be held to account.

"...because, Transparency Matters"

In addition, I'll publish a list of Codias Groups in the Forum Section of Founding Fathers.

That list will be shared to Codias on a regular basis. (If enough Groups get started that is...)

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