How To Use The "@mention" Function On Codias

Updated: Feb 22


The "@Mention" function on Codias can be a little tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy to use. Whether it be in the content of the post itself, or in the comment section (including "Replies"), the FIRST action HAS TO BE the "@" sign. In other words, if you enter any other character (including a blank space) and then backspace to remove it, the @Mention function will be deactivated for the rest of the comment. It will then be necessary to "Re-Load" the page and start over. The @Mention function will not permit you to use it in the middle of the comment, ONLY AS THE FIRST CHARACTER ENTERED... PERIOD.

As to the operation of the "@Mention Search" aspect, After "@"sign, the search begins after 1 character is entered.

To refine the search, enter the rest of the FIRST NAME ONLY.

A "Space" after the First name disables the search function.

Therefore, entering a LAST Name doesn't work because Search is already disabled.

The only clear indication of a successful @Mention, is that the name being mentioned will change color AFTER the post /comment/reply is posted.

If it doesn't change color, no notification is generated.

** Note **

The @mention Search function is NOT case-sensitive. Upper or lower case is permissible.

****** Tip ******

If you want to be found more easily through the @mention function, consider adding 2 unique characters to your member account name. That is why I added "XY"


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