"Incentivized Self-Repatriation" Of Illegal Aliens (Part Five: Repatriation Option Two)

Repatriation Option Two: International Citizen Political/Para-Military Force.

Most of the Illegal Aliens in the United States carry Mexican Citizenship.

They can legally occupy from the US-Mexico border to ten miles South of the border.

And from a line that extends from 10 miles South of Nogales due West to the Gulf of California and that includes all of Baja California.

This will be the "Training Area".

Training will be conducted by Spanish speaking US Military Personnel of Hispanic decent that have voluntarily given up their US Citizenship.

Internal Security will fall to Spanish speaking "Former" US Citizen Police Officers of Hispanic decent that have also voluntarily given up their US Citizenship.

Non-Mexican aliens will be protected while in Mexico by the majority of Mexican Citizens that comprise the ICP/P-M Force.

The entire ICP/P-M Force will be protected by US Air-Assets stationed on the US side of the US-Mexico border, in the Gulf of Mexico and from the West of Baja California.

Disbursments of cash described in "Option One" will be held in escrow and released in one of several options:

1). No cash is released until all involved with the operation are Repatriated.

Cash payments will begin on that date.

2). No cash is released until all involved with the operation are Repatriated.

One lump sum payment that represents the time already accumulated, and the rest in monthly installments thereafter.

3). The lesser of a). One/Third of cash, or b). of an amount equal to time accumulated, to be released after the completion of training with the greater of a). Two/Thirds released or b). the remainder, for installment payments upon completion of Repatriation to all countries involved.

**** Note****

Part of the operation involves the dismantling of Drug Cartels. Any and all money confiscated during the operation is used to defray the costs to US Tax-Payers and further fund Repatriation efforts.

...and that holds true for all of these options.

The United States will supply the encampment with food, tents, Light Military Vehicles and Trucks, small arms and a boatload of ammunition

One Aircraft Carrier and One Amphibious Assault Ship will be stationed in the Gulf of Mexico.

One Aircraft Carrier and One Helicopter ship will be stationed West of Baja California.

Additional US Navy vessels will be deployed as needed


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