"Incentivized Self-Repatriation" Of Illegal Aliens (Part Four: Repatriation Option One.)

Repatriation Option One: Cash Incentive.

The Stick...

Every country that Illegal Aliens come from, gets financial assistance from US Tax-Payers.

That becomes an integral part of the plan for Re-Patriation, "The Stick" if you will...

The Carrot...

For arguements sake, i'll go with the 12.5 Million Aliens that currently cost Tax-Payers over $116 Billion per year.

If we do nothing, that $116 Billion will be a recurring cost year after year, and it will grow each year. There will never be a return on that "Investment".

The average Monthly Net Salary in Mexico is $532.28 per month.

The average Monthly cost to US Tax-Payers is $672.91 per month.

Would they be better off with $672.91 per month, furnished by US Tax-Payers for 2 years, while living in Mexico? That's $140 above the Mexican National average.

24 Monthly Payments:

Each "Qualified" recipient could be allotted 24 monthly installments.

Most that "Qualify", would fall into this category.

8 Quarterly Payments, 2 Yearly Payments or 1 Lump Sum Payment:

Some "Qualified" recipients could be allotted 8 quarterly installments.

After voluntarily Repatriating, any recipient could apply for quarterly, yearly or lump sum payments.

Most of these would need to show proof of need, like a signed contract to either start a business or buy a business.

After 2 full years, $332 Billion would have been injected into those countries economies.

The money going to several countries in South and Central America could equal or exceed the single year GDP of that country, and exceed Foreign Aid delivered from the US in multiples of hundreds.

With that infusion of cash, those countries economy will flourish, thereby removing the need for it's citizens to seek work outside of the country.

To those that have come to the United States either illegally on your own accord or as a dependent minor:

If you value your Heritage, your Culture, and your Countries Flag, you owe it to your country, your fellow Countrymen(women), and yourselves to salvage what remains of your Heritage and resurrect your countries dignity by returning for the good of the future of your Culture.

Demand Change in your own country... for the good of your Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, Fathers and the rest of your families both present and future.

The United States will always be a friend and a willing market for the superior products that you will produce in the future.

But for now, we have fed you,

We have clothed you,

We have paid for you to have babies.

It's past time for you to stand on your own and claim your birthright...

Your Country Awaits You

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