"Incentivized Self-Repatriation" Of Illegal Aliens (Part Three: Do You Deserve Amnesty?)

Do You Deserve Amnesty?

There will undoubtedly be some cases that MIGHT warrant a consideration of Amnesty.

But I'd have to believe that at least most of those cases warrant a granting of Asylum instead of Amnesty.

And even if Amnesty were considered for a slightly larger number, there would undoubtedly have to be a set of very strict prerequisites.

No Illegal Alien will be considered for Amnesty IF:

They have a criminal record.

They have taken or will need Tax-Payer money.

They maintain allegience to their home country (That means "Flying the Flag" of their nation of origin also).

They protest the laws or regulations of the United States. (They can and should have done that in their nation of origin)


They fail to "Self-Report".

They don't pay taxes (including a Tax-Penalty)

They CANNOT file for a Tax refund UNTIL they apply for and become US Citizens. (Tax "Refunds" will be held in Escrow until they become citizens.



NO MONEY SENT TO THEIR HOME COUNTRY (If they work in the US, want to become a US Citizen and work toward that goal, they need to support the local community and be a part of the economy)

(list not complete)

Failure in any of the above warrants immediate removal back to their country of origin.

But above all else, the key here is in the Title of this series:

"Incentivized Self-Repatriation" Of Illegal Aliens.

That is, how to encourage Illegal Aliens to return to their Native country.

While FORCE may understandably be the preferred method of many angry US Citizens, the simple logistics of that size of an operation, and in "Unfriendly" territory, make that option less than attractive.

About 1 Million legal immigrants are admitted each year into the United States with the hopes of one day becoming US Citizens.

They don't come here to be a burden on US Citizens, they come here for the economic opportunities and for the opportunity to determine their own course in life.

First though, it must be understood from the beginning that any proposal to incentivize repatriation must be precluded by a completely secure border.

A secure border has to come before all else.


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