"Incentivized Self-Repatriation" Of Illegal Aliens (Part Two: Does Your Culture Enjoy Supremacy?)

Does Your Culture Enjoy Supremacy In Your Country?

What defines "American Culture"?

Is it the local Culture of New Orleans?

Is it the local Culture of Corn Farmers in Nebraska?

Is it the local Culture of The Twin Cities?

Or the Quad Cities?

Or New York?

Or Boston?

Or Califirnia?

Or Colorado?

The answer is Yes... and No... to all of those.

While we embrace the various local cultures of this most diverse Nation in the world,

The one thing that binds us together is the culture defined in the US Constitution...

...And that, above all else, defines the Culture Of America.

What we have established as our preferred method of Government defines us as American Citizens.

The Stars And Stripes is the symbol of our culture.

Laws and regulations don't define us.

Our respect for those laws and regulations does exactly define our American Culture.

We very much respect that different geographical areas have deep connections to their distinct local Culture.

But the thing that binds us together is the underlying Culture of the US Constitution.

The same holds true in Mexico with the Mexican Constitution.

And Guatemala

And Honduras and Saudi Arabia

And France, Japan, South Africa,

And every other country in the free world.

The Culture of each sovereign country is defined and protected by the Government of that country.

No foreign culture that is incompatible with any country's governmental structure, incompatible with that country's Laws and Regulations, or incompatible with that country's Culture, can be allowed to take precedence over the local Nations Culture or it's Laws and Regulations.

If allowed, the local Nation ceases to be an independent sovereign Nation.

We welcome people from different Cultures, but only if they accept the supremacy of the Culture of The United States Constitution.

They must leave the supremacy of their native Culture in their native country.


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