It's not just about the ratings, or we would see the news reflect differently?

Here in the US, as in many countries, we have a ratings system. Advertisers compete for spaces within higher views on network channels. It is the system that supports the network.

The system ensures that the viewers receive the content that the majority wishes to see, and the network is able to pay their bills.

A news channel in San Francisco would not show a local fair event in Georgia, nor visa versa. News events that are happening relative to the local community would be selected to increase views. It was a system with flaws, but it worked fairly well when news was broadcast over the airways.

However, analog was replaced with cable news networks.

Now the large news network controls the entire country. They segment out local sections for your area within the main broadcast body, and continue running the same show across the entire network.

For example, your local weather is inserted, but the same news body was seen by all communities.

In theory, the rating system still applies. Advertisers would still need to compete for spots within airtime, and these slots are sold to finance the costs.

The problem we are seeing today has little to do with the ratings system.

News channels are selecting to report and even distort the news regardless of their ratings. Basically the news has become a powerful political tool that can transmit a single message across the entire country. The viewers no longer have a say in what they wish to see reported, the news channels have sold out to the highest bidder and it is not advertisements.

Sure, you still see some slots sold. The ads are still there, and they make money off of them.

If the only income were the ads inserted, then CNN would be fighting to please the audience.

Ratings would be the only driver, and falling ratings would prove disastrous.

Trump's approval ratings are soaring, the rallies are packed.

The President is showing undeniable support from the public, yet is being hammered by network media? Media sources are accepting the decline in ratings to continue the attacks!

As the ratings plummet, the message just moves further and further Left-wing. Actual news is "cherry-picked" and distorted, a strong political agenda is broadcast over the top of the distorted news.

The news network is no longer working for the people, the ratings mean little to nothing to them at all. It has sold it's soul out to big money. Media has become too powerful of a tool to be ignored, and the socialists have seized upon it.

CNN is perhaps the channel that carries the most guilt, but I can't think of any that haven't at least partially sold out. I really don't have a solution to the problem, as Americans we have lost our voice in what we have available to us on network news. Our viewer ratings no longer apply against the big money of Soros and the like.

The only thing we can do is to select to inform ourselves off-platform.

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