Leaving Fear

Certain facts remain, while others are still vague.

1. We know there is a virus that came out of China, and it has the potential to be deadly.

2. The virus is way past the point of containment, so therefore it can be assumed that all of us will be exposed to the virus sooner or later.

3. We can see from other countries that were exposed first, that most deaths occur from overwhelmed medical systems, elderly, or high risk individuals.

4. We know certain treatments are showing promising results in combating the virus.

Initial reports were placing the death rates bumping 4%, but as more data has come in we see those numbers falling as we would expect. Broader testing, and a better understanding of the virus is placing the numbers somewhere around 0.2% if you count asymptomatic individuals not being tested (by comparison 1.0% of US population is about 3 million).

That is still a great number of people, and when it's your loved one it's difficult.

As a nation we need to focus on the brighter side, and that is the fact that about 99% or more of the population will survive the virus, and many with little to no symptoms at all.

And a better understanding of the virus has refreshed our memories in the importance of hygiene.

We have been dealing with the flu every year, and some years have been extremely deadly. This isn't the flu, and it targets a slightly different audience but it really isn't much more dangerous than the flu as long as certain precautions are followed.

This virus transmits with greater ease than the flu, hence the overwhelming of medical services that we have seen in some countries. Hygiene has been an important part of life since modern civilization, and it can't be stressed enough now that this new virus is out there.

Hygiene is our first line of defense.

Understanding that most people will be asymptomatic, means that high risk individuals are in a much greater risk. Health workers that have no idea that they are carriers of the virus would spread it, and have spread it through nursing homes. So isolation of our elderly and high risk individuals is in our best interest to avoid overloading the system.

We also need to understand that treatments are coming available, and sooner or later even our elderly will be exposed. Let's just try and keep it slowed.

Other than that, the virus is not in our hands. Life will go on, and how we return to normal will determine what kind of life we all have left to return to.

We can't all hide in fear forever, or there will be nothing left as we emerge from our caves. We all do our best in Hygiene, and distancing. We return to work and our normal lives.

And everything is in God's hands.

And yes, the vast majority are surviving the virus. The curve has been lowered to keep services available for any one of us that might need them. We should keep trying to slow the spread of the virus even as we return to the workforce.

Follow guidelines based off of "realistic" local community data.

We need to release our fear and return to as normal a life as possible.

A collapsed economy is much more deadly than this virus could ever be.


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