Michael Murphy for Kansas

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Michael Murphy for Kansas

"I am grateful to Jack Thimesch for the fine job he has done in Topeka and I intend to follow in his pro-life, pro-2A and limited government philosophy."

"The 114th District deserves a representative who will reflect their values and fight against an ever growing state bureaucracy and an over-reaching state judiciary. I believe in a balanced budget, efficient government and less regulation. I will work to pass tax reform over the veto pen of Laura Kelly, and work to protect the unborn by reversing the “pro abortion” ruling of the ultra-liberal Kansas Supreme Court."

"I hope to serve as a citizen legislator, in the spirit of our Founding Fathers. I will work diligently to represent the hard working taxpayers of my district. I agree with Ronald Reagan who once observed, “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.”

My goal is a smaller, more efficient, more effective government…with liberty and justice for all."


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