"Socialism Violates Sherman Anti-Trust Act?"

Telam Totius Orbis Terrarum, Pugnaturi

World Wide Web, Prepared To Fight

Government Regulations, taxes, and red tape make it prohibitively expensive to start a new Major Broadcast Network, with new supporting infrastructure like Stations and Transmitter towers.

Many lower pay-scale families in Rural America, still depend on Broadcast Television exclusively, for News and entertainment.

Many also choose not to connect to the internet, or can't afford to do so.

Socialist Ideology has a Monopoly on Broadcast Television News:

"A monopoly may be defined as one entity being the sole supplier of a particular product or

service, thus leaving no room for others to partake in such business

enterprises. This lack of competition, then, leaves little choice for

consumers, which places constraints of the economy as a whole. Due to the

advent of monopolies, “competition laws” have been instituted, which

are also known as “antitrust laws”. They are set forth so as to

ensure that competition be existent within every market of the economy and place

regulations on monopolies."

This battle we fight will not conclude in anyone's lifetime that is alive today. This is a multi-generational Battle for Ideological supremacy. All while every other country's livlihood as a sovereign nation hangs precariously in the balance of economic prosperity and total societal collapse. Resulting in anarchy. My ancestors arrived in N. America in 1635 and 1642. They met and married in New York (New Amsterdam) in 1646. They were the first settlers in Middleton NJ. They built the first Baptist Church in New Jersey. When she died in 1735, at the age of 110, she had over 500 living descendents. My ancestors have fought in every major conflict since 1776. This is the Multi-Generational Battle that is passed on to me by my ancestors... The unceasing battle for Liberty... I weep in my heart for those that have given the ultimate sacrifice. But to be effective in Battle, I must be dispationate in my resolve to carry on with my ancestral Battle for Freedom. Semper Fortis The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday Semper Fidelis Always Faithful, Always Forward This We'll Defend De Opresso Liber Aut Vincere Aut Nors Any Time, Any Place Always Ready Semper Paratus Telam Totius Orbis Terrarum, Pugnaturi

Telam Totius Orbis Terrarum, Pugnaturi Michael S.Bell


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