Technology, Government, Media, Academia - Cultural Impact throughout History

Technology widens the gap between the "Living Document" Anti-Constitutional Political Ideology and the "Static Document" Constitutional Ideology...

...At the behest of the "Living Document" Anti-Constitutional Political Ideology.

Weaponized Technology...

And I'm NOT referring to physical weapons used in global or regional Land, Sea and Air Battles.

I am referring to the Types of Technology that are used in the Battle of Propaganda.

Technology can only be weaponized in this fashion by ONE Political Ideology.

ONE Political Ideology has the need.

ONE Political Ideology depends on Technology to alter perception of reality.

ONLY ONE Political Ideology is based on altering perception... through "Change".

Only ONE Political Ideology is based on a foundational "Static Document"...

Technology, any Technology, that can be manipulated in the furtherance of "Change", WILL BE manipulated by the "Living Document" Anti-Constitutional Political Ideology.

"Static Document" Constitution Political Ideologues can only attempt to anticipate weaponized Technology manipulation and develop effective counter-measures and use Technology as Defensive Technology Weapons.

When "Static Document" Constitutionalists go on the offensive, they use weapons of war to attack any enemy... Foreign OR Domestic... but only then in the defense of the "Static Document".

Academia as it is today, is the direct result of "Living Document" Anti-Constitutional Political Ideology infiltration through manipulation of Weaponized Technology.

Television drove Political Ideologues into Liberal Arts classes beginning in the early stages of the Vietnam War with College Deferments....

And on into Journalism and entertainment areas of expertise...

And into Political Science...

And into Scholarship Athletics Programs which fed Professional Sports.

And on, and on, and on it goes.

The History of Centralized Population Management and The History of Information Distribution and The History of Knowledge Propagation by way of The History of Technology...

Tells the whole story...

It is up to us to make the connections. Only through knowledge of the past, can we chart a safe course through the Stormy Future.


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