The "Peanut Butter" Tale

After 2 months of multiple small heart attacks per day,

I finally took the Nine-One-One express to the ER for 2 Stents, followed 2 months later with a double by-pass.

I finally got in to see a dietitian 2 1/2 months later.

The subject of "Peanut Butter" came up.

She didn't say anything about the minimal amount of sugar in Peanut Butter, but DID say that any that had "Hydrogenated Oil" in it was strictly "Verbotten".

I had been accumulating Peanut Butter from the local Food Pantry for the past several years. They would usually give me 2 jars a month and most months, I would eat one of them. I had accumulated about 18 jars on my shelves...

They ALL had Hydrogenated Oil in them. I had heard that Peanut Butter is good for you so it was off to the store to find some "Healthy" Peanut Butter.

Easily, 90% of the Peanut Butter on the store shelves was made with Hydrogenated Oil.

ALL of the brands had a variety called "Natural" Peanut Butter. None of them had Hydrogenated Oil in them. They were all made with "Palm Oil". I bought 2 jars of a popular brand and headed home.

The Dietitian had sent with me what seemed like a stack of papers that counted in the Hundreds (probably more like a dozen pages) of crap that I could no longer eat.

On a paper buried deep in the pile (2 to 3 pages), I discovered that "Palm Oil" was on the "Verbotten" list. I finally went back to the store, Hell-Bent on coming home with a Peanut Butter that wouldn't kill me.

After what seemed like six or so hours (probably more like 15 minutes) of reading the label of every brand and type of Peanut Butter in the store, I found ONE B.C. brand labeled Natural that listed "Peanuts & Salt", WITH NO OIL OF ANY KIND LISTED IN THE INGREDIENTS.......... Whew......... It doesn't taste as good, and it IS a little runny.... BUT I DON'T CARE ANYMORE. The extra salt is probably gonna kill me anyway.


But that's not the end of the story....

I had pretty much already decided on the B.C. brand labeled "Natural", but I decided to look way down on the bottom shelf, directly under the B.C. Natural jars.. There were some labeled "Almond Butter". That sounded good.

After reading the label, and a quick glance down at the price listed on the edge of the shelf (my eye sight is not as good as it once was), it looked like the price was about the same as the B.C. Natural. (both in the $3.50 range... or so I thought).

I got to the check-out stand and as the cashier scanned the Almond Butter, my eyes went wide in shock as $13.95 showed up on the register display. I said "Hey.... wait a freakin' minute.... That can't be right!!!!"

Well, it was the right price after all so I told her to take the Almond Butter and STICK IT (back on the shelf).

She removed the $13.95 from the list and then proceeded to place the B.C. Natural ($3.50) off to the side and put the Almond Butter in my grocery bag.

I could very easily have walked out the door with the $13.95 Almond Butter while actually only paying for the $3.50 B.C. Natural.

But I just couldn't do it.

(Besides, I didn't even know if I'd LIKE the darned Almond Butter anyway)

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