The Politics of President Trump's Supreme Court Nominee

by Tim Bryce


- Fasten your seat belts, it is going to be a bumpy ride.

The Democrats response is predictable, as is the Republicans. The Democrats obviously do not want another conservative justice on the court, and the Republicans do. The minds of both sides are already made up, but it is the independent voters which bear watching during this process.

The Democrats will claim Senate leader Mitch McConnell (KY) should do as in 2016 and postpone the confirmation hearing and vote only after the November elections, that this is the same as the Obama "lame duck" session. Not true. In 2016, the Senate was controlled by the Republicans and President Obama, of course, was a Democrat, and never the twain shall meet. In 2020, it is certainly different; President Trump is not a "lame duck" (at least not yet), and both the Senate and the President are of the same party, which greases the rails for a Supreme Court nominee. Consequently, the GOP will announce and investigate the nominee post haste.

Nonetheless, the Democrats and their minions, the News Media, will repetitively shout this is the same as 2016 and, as such, is not fair. The fact is, it is fair and in accordance with the Constitution. They may not like it, but as President Obama said, "Elections have consequences."

The Democrats will beat the drum of unfairness and attack the candidate unmercifully, regardless if it is male or female. The problem though, if the Democrats attack the candidate as viciously as they did Brett Kavanaugh, it will backfire in their face and cost them the election. The American public has not forgotten the ugliness of the Kavanaugh confirmation, just two short years ago. The question is, will they do the same to this next appointee, particularly if the candidate is a women? Frankly, I do not believe they can help themselves and will attack just as unmercifully in an effort to derail the person's appointment. And this will be the nail in the coffin for their chances to win in November.

Aside from the Senators on the Judiciary Committee, there will be a full court press by the far-Left against Republican Senators, harassing them at home and in public. Americans are already tired of such shenanigans particularly after this summer of hate. As a result, Independents and Republicans will be swayed to vote for President Trump.

We are also hearing a lot of saber-rattling from Democrats in both chambers of congress; that if a nominee is processed, they threaten to expand the number of seats on the Supreme Court should they ever regain control. Further, there is more talk of impeaching the president, and God knows what else. This is a vain attempt to blackmail Senators. In contrast, this fills the Republicans with resolve to push forward. Make no mistake though, the Democrats are trying to bully and threaten the rest of the Congress.

Let's remember this, if the shoe was on the other foot, that the Democrats controlled both the White House and the Senate, would they act any differently? Frankly, they would move so fast that their nominee would already be sitting on the Supreme Court bench. So, let's not kid ourselves about the integrity of the Democrats.

My betting is that a nominee will be announced and confirmation hearings held in short order, but the vote will not be called for until after the election. The Senators will be scared of the consequences should a vote be held before the election. After November 3rd, when the pressure is off, they will have no problem voting.

Keep the Faith!

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