Your children are being "Home schooled" now anyway, It's time to just keep it going.

The shutdown has resulted in an unexpected benefit.

Parents are becoming more proactive in their children's education. The "hands on" approach in education can only reap greater benefits in the future.

Our educational system has been hijacked by the far-left socialists for decades. The message being instilled upon our youth has been devastating on society.

Our youth are taught that the bible is oppressive, and the moral compass it portrays is old and outdated. The bible is looked upon by the emerging generations as simply literature, and even Shakespeare is given more thought than the words of our creator.

Theory is wrongfully portrayed as fact, and the theory of evolution is peddled to our youth as having proved all other viewpoints in error.

As parents we should all worry about our children's education, and a diploma is of great importance in today's society. That diploma does not have to come from public school to be adequate.

There are many options within larger communities that can be explored, and online schooling is also an option in the smaller communities.

I completed High school doing correspondence classes in my youth. Not only were those classes just as adequate, I was able to finish High school several years early.

It is an investment, but it is an investment in the lives of your children, and the future of our country.

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